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Become a subcontractor for Circet Benelux

Fill your agenda with fun challenges? Forget the fuss of administration and logistics? And enrich your expertise in telecom, infra, smart energy or mobile? You can count on it as a subcontractor for Circet. You do what you like best, we do the rest.


Become a specialist (in other domains)

Would you like to become a specialist in smart energy, infra, telecom in-home or mobile? Or develop into an all-round specialist? Everything is possible as a subcontractor for Circet. We offer courses and training in our Circet Academy, for your entire team. Work on wonderful and challenging projects and take your team to the next level.

Who is Circet?

Circet is one of the fastest growing players in infrastructure for mobile and permanent telecom networks and smart energy. We build and manage the vital infrastructure of the future. Connecting people and facilitating innovation is what drives us. To succeed in this mission we are always looking for talented specialists.

How does it feel to work with us?

Keen to know what it’s like to be involved in a Circet project and be part of our team? Read about the experiences of our current partners.

Why team up with Circet Benelux?


Remain independent

Remain independent, but also part of an ambitious team


Challenging projects

Work on challenging projects and help in building the vital infrastructure of the future


Long-term partnership

Go for a long-term partnership in which you can grow


New domains

Build specialist skills in new domains


Do what you like best

Focus on the essence: do what you like best



Receive support from Circet administration